Objective: Provide Poll Day voting turnout & Polling Party activity details Booth wise.

Basic Tool: Mobile SMS with KEYWORDS

This solution gives the details Booth wise to Assembly Wise to PC wise on Single Screen.

PRO(Presiding Officer) will be sending the details through SMS to central database. This information will be available on Portal. We will be able to generate various reports through this available information. It will give the Polling Party’s dispatch status, Arrival at Polling station, Mock Poll Conducted, Poll Started status & time wise voting turnout (9 AM,11 AM ..)details. This will be Booth wise which will be consolidated to Assembly and then to PC.At the end we will be getting larger picture on single screen.

It also has SMS Help key words in case there are EVM failures, Law & Order booth wise leading to prompt action from respective Teams.It was successfully implemented during General Election 2014 in Five Districts of Maharashtra State.We had District wise fifteen member team on ground on Pre Poll day and Poll Day.Apart from this we also established a Call Center for smoother operation.

PRO use the following keywords (Tentative) to send the information through SMS


This SMS Code has to be shared with PRO in printed form for their understanding.

These SMS KEYWORDS information will give following sample output.